NY Times: Ballot Item Would Reform Redistricting, at Least in Theory

NY Times writer Sam Roberts discusses the redistricting reform amendment in today’s paper. Mr. Roberts makes the point that the party winning the State Senate majority may have the opportunity benefit from the amendment’s passage, but the amendment itself gives the minority party an “edge” because of the majorities needed to approve redistricting plans.

As Todd Breitbart points out in his recent analysis of the amendment:

“There is virtually no possibility that the Democrats will not continue to control the Assembly, given their huge majorities in recent years (107 Democrats, out of 150 seats, elected in 2012). So the two-thirds rule is designed, even if it works, only to protect the Senate Republicans in the event that they find themselves in the minority in 2022 or thereafter, while the different rules that apply to a divided Legislature – either a bare majority or 60% – will leave them easily in control of redistricting if they retain the majority. There is no precedent in New York State for treating one party differently from another in the Constitution.”


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