Democrats Get Ready for Post-2020 Redistricting Battles by Winning Legislative Majorities

National Democrats are gearing up for post-2020 redistricting control across the nation by setting up a new super PAC, Advantage 2020. The new group will focus on winning Democratic state legislative seats where redistricting battles are expected after the 2020 census. As reported by Samantha Lachman in the Huffington Post, former state legislative leader Paul Schauer (who also served as a Michigan Member of Congress) will lead the effort.

In past decades, both parties have set up PACs to win control of state legislatures prior to redistricting including GOPAC, Project 500, IMPAC 2000 and related groups. NY Election News will provide non-partisan reporting on redistricting and election activities by all political parties. While New York has not generated a great deal of national pre-redistricting attention, control of the state senate merits national news attention being reported.

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