U.S. Census Estimates: Downstate Growth; Upstate Small Losses

New U.S. Census data indicates that New York City continued to grow slowly in 2014 while many upstate counties posted small population losses.

County-level population estimates released last week showed New York City grew 0.62 percent from July 2013 to July 2014, to 8.49 million people. Suburban Long Island,  Westchester and Rockland counties  also grew modestly over the year. Rockland County’s 0.9 percent growth rate was the fastest statewide over the year.

Only 10 upstate counties showed growth over the year, with most posting a loss of less than 1 percent. Saratoga County’s 0.36 percent growth rate was the fastest upstate.

Although New York fell out of third place in state population between 2013 and 2014, the state did have three counties among the top 50 numerical gainers. Each was a New York City borough: Kings (Brooklyn), which added about 19,000; Queens, which gained about 18,000; and Bronx (with an increase of about 11,000).

Sullivan County lost 1.37 percent of its population over the year, the fastest rate of loss in the state.


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