How Congressional District Lines Have Changed from 1791 to 2013

In the Washington Post, Philip Bump presents an interesting and interactive congressional district presentation for several states for different decades ranging  from 1791 to 2013.  Viewers will see how lines have changed over the years for North Carolina, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston and other large cities.

In Mr. Bump’s words, “one year ago today, we looked at the most gerrymandered congressional districts in America. There are some doozies, including a few tortured souls that inspired us to hold contests to give them names. (Examples: “Goofy Kicking Donald Duck,” “The Praying Mantis,” “Beavis Eating Pizza,” “The Upside-down Elephant.”)

Of course, readers should remember that  New York’s 1992 and 2013 maps were drawn by courts (in 1992, the NY  Legislature codified a state court-ordered redistricting plan. In 2013, a federal court developed the congressional plan entirely on its own after the legislature failed to do so). In California, the 2011 plan was drawn by one of the nation’s only “independent” redistricting commissions. Not, of course, that a commission could never “gerrymander!”


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