How To End The Feud Between the Mayor And The Governor

Former Congress Member and Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner weighs in to the feud between Governor Cuomo and Mayor deBlasio with an oped in the NY TIMES. He suggests a constitutional convention as one way to help end future Governor-Mayor fights.

From the oped:

But we no longer live in a time when Albany can say its custodianship is needed because the cities and towns are incompetent or corrupt. There is really no good reason today for a senator in far upstate Oswego to weigh in on a housing incentive deal on 57th Street in Manhattan.

We need to fix this out-of-whack balance of power and return more authority to New York, and to other cities. The most common way to change the state Constitution is for the Legislature to vote and for citizens to ratify the changes. This may work for some matters, but for obvious reasons, it is not a good vehicle for getting Albany to cede control.”

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