End Of The LLC Outrage?

The Albany Times Union looks to a lawsuit filed by Board Of Elections enforcement counsel Risa Sugarman to close the LLC loophole not addressed in this year’s legislative session. The editorial  argues that “one of the most outrageous loopholes in New York’s campaign finance system may get closed, no thanks to lawmakers who have milked it for all it’s worth, and no thanks to a state Board of Elections that serves politicians more than the people.”

The editorial explores how  “Ms. Sugarman has filed a lawsuit against the campaign of Shirley Paterson, an independent who ran unsuccessfully in a special election in May for the 43rd Assembly District seat in Brooklyn. The suit says Ms. Paterson received donations from two New York City LLCs controlled by the same developer, Kevin Maloney, and totaling $5,000 – $900 more than Mr. Maloney could legally give on his own. It also cites $6,250 in donations from the law office of Benjamin M. Pinczewski, along with $2,500 from Pinczewski and Shpelfogel LLC. In both cases, the suit contends, these LLCs have no “separate legitimate existence” and exist solely to circumvent campaign donation limits.”

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