Secession? New York Spinning Off Upstate Into New Amsterdam?

Remember when Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin campaigned to make New York City the 51st state? Or when proposals to let Staten Island secede from New York City? The Times Union’s Matthew Hamilton take s a look at separating upstate from downstate.

SUNY New Paltz Professor Gerald Benjamin (and fellow at SUNY Buffalo Law) opines:

“It would change the majorities, it would change the dynamics, it would change an awful lot of stuff,” SUNY New Paltz distinguished professor of political science Gerald Benjamin said in an interview last week. “… It depends where you made the cut, but let’s just say you took out the New York metro area … the politics would change. The Republican-Democrat balance would change. There’d be a chance for Republican control of both houses of the Legislature. The downstate area would be entirely Democrat.”

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