New York State’s Voting Laws Hurt Anti-Establishment Candidates

Peter Ryan, a student at Columbia University, has a column in the Buffalo News  discussing the difficulty of how New York’s election laws “successfully stifle voter turnout for…. atypical presidential candidats” and urges the “state Board of Elections (to) act immediately to contact the nearly 3 million voters that this (registration) deadline impacts, and to change the content of its website to clearly reflect all pertinent deadlines. The State Legislature should then act to substantially alter these outrageous deadlines for future elections. Voting is, after all, a right and responsibility of U.S. citizens, and a hallmark of democracy itself.”

He also adds “according to public records, there are over 2.75 million non-Republican, non-Democratic voters in New York State. The majority of these are non-affiliated voters (2.2 million) and Independents (430,000). It is completely reasonable to think that of these non-affiliated voters, some will be wooed and won over by Trump’s promise to “make America great again.” It’s also completely reasonable to think that some of the 430,000 Independents will want to vote for Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont who is running on the Democratic ticket. As a matter of fact, in such an unconventional election, it’s likely that even some Republicans and Democrats will want to switch parties.

Here’s the good news: These voters still have time – the deadline is not until Oct. 9. Here’s the bad news: Of those nearly 3 million voters, few will have the opportunity to switch their enrollments to their new party of preference by the deadline.”


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