Future Still Unclear for Women’s Equality Party

Politico NY’s Bill Mahoney provides an update on the most recent court battles over the Women’s Equality Party. According to Mahoney, “these decisions seemingly portend bad news for candidates hoping to receive the WEP’s line in 2015. Numerous suits have sprung up in recent months arguing that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rules for the party he founded were invalid because they had the support of only two of the four statewide candidates who received its line last year rather than the “majority” required by election law. Both former state senator Cecilia Tkaczyk and a group of Republican county legislative clerks argued that they had just as much authority to endorse candidates.

In decisions affecting races in Albany, Warren County, and the Southern Tier, judges ruled Tuesday against candidates hoping to receive the WEP’s line this year. Acting Supreme Court Justice Richard Platkin specifically enjoined the board from “printing and placing the name of Barbara Fiala” on the ballot under the WEP line this year. Fiala, who is campaigning for a vacant Binghamton-area Senate seat, was briefly the WEP’s chair under Cuomo’s rules.”

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