Citizens Must Use Ballot Box To Curb The Influence Of Big Money In Politics, Restore Balance To Democracy

New York Common Cause’s Susan Lerner writes in today’s Buffalo News that “the unanimous creation of the Buffalo Committee for Fair Elections through Public Financing by the Common Council provides hope that Buffalo, too, can join the list of cities adopting measures to improve their elections, and chipping away at the power of Big Money.”

Lerner argues that “despite the relative lack of media coverage, Election Day 2015 confirmed what has already been long suspected: Voters across the nation are fed up with the tidal wave of money in politics that has only gotten worse since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Through ballot referendums, they were able to take use of the ballot box instead of depending on their legislators, who all seem to have their hands tied. The latest election proves that when we the people come together, we can beat Big Money and bring balance back to our democracy.

Buffalo, too, can be part of this coast-to-coast emergence of a growing national movement to break the dominance of Big Money in our politics and the partisan gridlock that is crippling Washington and too many state capitals.”

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