Janison: Lines For Dean Skelos’ Seat Drawn By And For GOP Conference

Newsday’s Dan Janison talks about the 2012 Senate redistricting plan where the GOP Senate sought to maintain control of all 9 Long Island Senate districts and to protect Nassau Senator Jack Martins from losing support in heavily minority western Elmont.

Let’s make no mistake about it. For the fifth consecutive decade in a row, Nassau’s minority residents were denied the opportunity to elect a preferred candidate by splitting the central corridor of Nassau among several districts.  Under the new constitutional amendment creating an advisory redistricting commission permitting the maintenance of current district cores balanced against other criteria, including voting right act language, a minority Senate district might still be illusory after the 2020 census as well.

From the column “Five years ago, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch announced that then-majority-leader Skelos “weaseled out” of his earlier promise to allow an independent committee to draw district lines.

So as before, the districts continued to be crafted by the majorities of the houses, including the Democrats in the Assembly, then led by since-convicted Assemb. Sheldon Silver.

The tenure of both convicted leaders lives on in the lines they approved — a separate story from the lines they crossed.”


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