BOE Commissioner: Enforcement Counsel Has 170 Cases

Nick Reisman reports on State Board Of Elections Commissioner Andy Spano’s intrrview with Bill Samuels on yesterday’s Effective NY redio show. From the interview:

“About 170 cases are under review by the independent enforcement counsel at the state Board of Elections.”

“Spano, a former Westchester county executive, was appointed as a Democratic In the interview, Spano defended the Board of Elections after commissioners were grilled by the Moreland Commission over whether it was adequately overseeing election law violations, saying that before the enforcement counsel post was created, the staff wasn’t there to go after the incorrect or potentially illegal filings.”

“Now when the Moreland Commission did their fact-finding or whatever they did on the Board of Elections, a lot of it was true, but a lot of it was unfair, okay?” Spano said. “First of all, they didn’t have the staff to do this. We had, I don’t know, how many judgments were out there—oh, thousands—where we already had the judgments but we couldn’t get any money from anywhere. We couldn’t go after anybody. Now we go after everybody.”


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