De Blasio Team Violated Campaign Finance Laws, Report Says

More on the deBlasio campaign finance situation from today’s New York Times: by William Neuman and Jesse McKinley. An excerpt follows:

“the mayor’s Senate effort, which failed in its goal to wrest the legislative body from Republican control, has proved damaging to him in multiple ways. Democrats remained in the minority in the Senate; the mayor’s relationship with Senate Republicans was severely strained, hurting his ability to win support in Albany for his agenda; and now it has led to one of several investigations that are tarnishing his administration.

The investigation by the state board was reported on Friday by The Daily News.

The board’s investigation, and the subsequent continuing inquiry by Manhattan prosecutors, is looking at whether there was an effort to illegally circumvent limits on campaign contributions to individual candidates by directing money instead through Democratic Party county committees and a statewide party campaign committee.

The county and statewide committees can receive contributions of up to $102,300, which is much greater than the general election limit on contributions to candidates’ campaigns, $11,000 per donor.”



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