De Blasio Attorney Questions Reasoning, Leak Of State Memo

In Politico NY, Laura Nahmias informs about Team deBlasio’s against accusations by the State Board Of Elections of campaign finance violations:

“Team de Blasio is fighting back against accusations that some of the mayor’s top aides and associates violated campaign finance laws.

After a “confidential” memo written by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hand-picked state Board of Elections enforcement counsel Risa Sugarman, which alleged members of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inner circle skirted campaign finance laws in 2014, was published by the Daily News on Friday, de Blasio’s campaign lawyer fired back, accusing Sugarman of misunderstanding the law, and possibly violating it herself by leaking the memo to the press.

In a scathing seven-page letter to Sugarman sent on Sunday, elections attorney Laurence Laufer accuses Sugarman of harboring “a shocking lack of understanding or a complete disregard for the most fundamental aspects of the state’s election laws.”

The letter was also sent to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which received a criminal referral from Sugarman’s office.”


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