Meet The GOP Secretary Behind The Brooklyn Voter Purge

A web news page called Reverb Press posted an article on  Diane Haslett-Rudiano, the Brooklyn Board Of Elections Clerk who was suspended from her job after thousands of voters weren’t permitted to vote last week. The article can be read here.

From the Reverb Press:

“Diane Haslett-Rudiano is a name long remembered by the people of New York. Slum Lord, Real Estate Con Woman, Voter Fraud Expert, and GOP Secretary, Diane was until last night the Borough Office Chief Clerk. She found herself suspended from her position without pay for her role in the voter purge.

Her main job still remains as the Republican Parties primary voice for the New York 55th Assembly District. Below you can see her area, with her name clearly attached to it, posted here in case the name vanishes from the GOP’s database as quickly as voters did in her borough.

A few years ago, she rocketed to prominence for her use of a government subsidized estate sale to buy a brownstone in Brooklyn, which she let fall apart and become a danger to the community around it. She used the building as a false address in order to lie about where she lived, in order to vote in Brooklyn, meaning she was engaged in voting fraud. And then, when this was exposed, mysteriously a real estate developer with deep political connections swooped in, and bought the derelict building at a 1,320% profit for Diane.

What is surprising in this case is not in the voter purge, but in how targeted it was. The narrow targeting, by street, block, even building, is unprecedented in the annals of voting fraud. But its use reveals a connection to a near forgotten piece of Republican history.”


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