The Capitol’s Dark Money

Today’s Times Union runs an editorial critical of the state’s campaign financing laws in light of contributions to las week’s state senate race on Long Island:

“if someone gave you $50,000, wouldn’t you want to know who it was? And what strings might be attached?

Of course you would. Yet some of the very people who rail against the influence of big money in politics, who profess to stand for cleaner government in New York, don’t seem to see any problem with a political party or a candidate getting $50,000 from a seemingly anonymous donor.

As far as the public is concerned, that’s pretty much what happened in the case of a donation to the Nassau County Democratic Committee earlier this month, amid a high-stakes state Senate race. The money came from a Delaware-registered firm, A&J Contracting, Under Delaware’s lax regulations, there is no record of who founded the company, who runs it, or how to even contact it, the Times Union’s Chris Bragg found. It’s as if the company exists only on paper.”


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