Manhattan Lawyer Files Class Action Suit After He Was Blocked From Voting In New York Primary As An Independent

Barbara Ross and Larry McShane report in the NY Daily News on a new lawsuit challenging the state’s registration rules:

“Mark Warren Moody, in a class action suit, wants the current voter eligibility regulations for primaries tossed out after he lost a chance to pull the lever in New York’s April 19 presidential primary.

Moody, a registered independent, was blocked from voting in the Democratic and Republican contests where Trump and former First Lady Hillary Clinton trounced their rivals.


In New York State, the party-switching deadline for the April primary was Oct. 9, 2015 — more than six months earlier. Registered Democrats and Republicans are the only ones eligible to vote in their party’s primaries, with no crossing of party lines permitted. Independents can’t vote at all.

Moody charges that was an unnecessary impediment and contends his lawsuit will make election law great again.

“Requiring New Yorkers to choose party affiliation at any point in advance of casting a vote in any primary election for public office violates the New York State Constitution,” he charged Wednesday in his 10-page Manhattan Supreme Court filing.”

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