NYC Board Of Elections: No Excuses for Failures; 20% Of Trainees Skip Work

The Daily News and Post continue to look into the primary day failures in New York City in today’s editions.

From  Erin Durkin in the Daily News:

“There’s “no explanation” for an epic screw up by Brooklyn election officials that removed thousands of voters from the rolls and inadvertently “poured gasoline” on political fires, Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan said Friday.

Under questioning by the City Council, Ryan said borough staffers conducting a purge that took 117,000 people off the rolls skipped the crucial step of making sure voters had been marked inactive — which happens when mail sent to their address is returned — and instead blindly removed people they believed hadn’t voted since 2008.

“Other than to say that they made the decision on their own without input from executive management and/or the commissioners, there is no explanation,” Ryan said. “They did it on their own. And they did it on their own with a misinterpretation of the procedures which are posted on our website and widely known.”

In the Post, Yoav Gonen and Rich Calder report ” that 20 percent of the poll workers trained by his agency don’t show up on Election Day.

When asked to clarify the startling statistic he provided at a City Council budget hearing, board ­Executive Director Michael Ryan had few answers.

“We train them and then they don’t show up,” he said.

“I am not a mind reader. We would certainly hope that 100 percent of the people we train would show up, but they don’t.”


Bronx poll worker Diana Finch, who attended the hearing, told The Post she believes the percentage of no-shows is much higher.”


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