Campaign Laws Are Clear On Some (But Not All ) Things

In State Of Politics, Zack Fink discusses Mayor deBlasio’s options for future campaign efforts:

“In a recent interview with Brian Lehrer on WNYC, Mayor de Blasio was asked whether he would rule out using a 501(c)(4) Super PAC for his re-election campaign in 2017. The mayor responded with,

It’s just too early to say, and I’ll say it in very simple terms. I’ve said clearly if people choose to run for this office, God bless them.

Technically speaking, Super PAC’s are not allowed to coordinate with the campaigns. They must spend money independently. So, by indicating he will decide whether or not to employ a super PAC as the campaign moves forward, does that possibly demonstrate a failure to understand where the boundaries are when it comes to political fundraising? Some in State government believe it does.”


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