NYC Voter Assistance Advisory Committee Passes Resolution To Share Voter Testimony With BOE And City Council

From the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee:

“At a public hearing last night, the Campaign Finance Board’s (CFB) Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) adopted a resolution to share testimony collected from voters with the NYC Board of Elections, the City Council, and other agencies who are investigating irregularities in the April 19th presidential primary election:

“The Voter Assistance Advisory Committee resolves to compile the election irregularities and systemic problems attested to by citizens tonight and relay them to the BOE and the various agencies investigating the irregularities in this election and the City Council. The Committee will continue to follow up on these troubling issues and fight for much needed election reform in New York City and State.”

Amy Loprest, Executive Director of the CFB said, “We thank every voter who took the time to travel from all parts of the city to share their experiences with the committee and the public. We heard numerous accounts of voters facing unacceptable barriers at the polls. These events have diminished trust in local election administration. That trust must be restored. The CFB and the VAAC are committed to drawing attention to the irregularities of that day to make sure voters never experience them again.”

Onida Coward Mayers, Director of Voter Assistance at the CFB, stated “We need to build on the energy from last night’s hearing to push for fundamental reforms that will make it easier for more New Yorkers to cast a ballot. Please join our efforts at”

The committee heard testimony from 25 people, largely about their experience’s voting during New York’s April 19th presidential primary election. Archived recording of all the testimony can be watched, here

The hearing was held to elicit testimony on voting from local residents. They were invited to testify on the following topics:

  • The problems city voters experienced on the April 19th presidential primary;
  • Your experience advocating for election reform as part of the Vote Better NY coalition;
  • Other improvements to elections in New York City;
  • Comments on the 2015–2016 Voter Assistance Annual Report.”

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