Most Money In Kaminsky-McGrath Race Came From Party Committees

“More than half the money given to the candidates in last month’s special election to replace former state Sen. Dean Skelos was transferred by political party committees,” According to a Newsday story filed by Paul LaRocca, who adds that this was  “a long-standing practice that is under new scrutiny following criminal investigations into New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising operation.

Campaign finance records filed last week show that transfers from party committees accounted for $1.9 million of the total $3.5 million that Democrat Todd Kaminsky, who won the April 19 election, and Republican Chris McGrath collected during the three-month campaign for the 9th Senate District.

Under state law, the party committees, which can receive contributions often 10 times larger than candidates can directly, are permitted to move unlimited amounts of money into candidates’ campaign accounts. They cannot, however, agree to earmark donations they have received for eventual transfer to specific candidates.”


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