IG: Board Of Elections’ Scathing de Blasio Report Leaded By Spokesman

We learn today that nobody associated with the Governor leaked information on the Board Of Elections report over 2014 campaign contributions. Instead, Chris Bragg reports in the Times Union that the report was leaked by a Republican Board Of Elections staff member:

“At least in this instance, it wasn’t Gov. Andrew Cuomo behind a leak damaging New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Republican spokesman of the New York State Board of Elections was behind the recent leak of a report that was sharply critical of de Blasio’s 2014 tactics in trying to win Democratic control of the state Senate.

That’s according to a report released today by the Office of Inspector General, which said that the spokesman, John Conklin, had admitted leaking the confidential Board of Elections report that became the subject of an explosive April 22 article by the New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett.

The January report of the Board’s enforcement unit had found “willful and flagrant” violations “warranting prosecution” stemming from the efforts of de Blasio”s team in 2014. Those efforts may have worked around campaign contribution limits by funneling money through various obscure upstate county committees that can take six-figure donations and then to Democratic Senate candidates that could take unlimited sums from party committees.”

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