Decrying Citizens United, Cuomo Wants To Tackle Independent Expenditures

From Nick Reisman in State of Politics:

“Calling the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday called for enhanced regulations, restrictions and transparency for independent expenditure committees, which have increasingly played an active role in influencing New York elections.

Speaking at Fordham University Law School, Cuomo announced he propose legislation incorporating measures designed to limit independent expenditure campaign spending as well as require the groups to disclose the identity of their owners, directors and executives exerting control.

At the same time, Cuomo is laying out what he called “an aggressive stance” in a counsel’s opinion that would block candidate coordination with independent expenditure groups and places scrutiny on an “overlapping donor base” for campaigns and IEs.

Cuomo has often decried the Citizens United decision, which ushered in the era of the “super PAC” of unlimited political spending on the national level as constraining efforts in New York to limit the state’s porous campaign finance laws.”


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