Governor Cuomo: Squeezing Cash Out Of Campaigns: How We’re Combating Citizens United

From Governor Cuomo’s oped in today’s NY Daily News:

“To end the plague of disenfranchisement brought about by this verdict, I am advancing first-in-the-nation legislation that would close glaring loopholes in state law and prevent these so-called “independent” groups from coordinating with the candidates they support. The legislation would increase state enforcement, root out rampant abuses in election law and ensure absolute and full disclosure of all donors.

This much is clear: The ability of dark money — and those in the top 1% — to sway New York’s elections and influence electoral outcomes must be changed. It can’t be that the price of admission to the democratic process is now $1 million. We must take action to ensure that government plays a meaningful role in the lives of the many, not just the few.”

He adds:

“My counsel has issued an opinion that spells out permissible conduct for these groups — to remove some of the ambiguities in state law. Together with my legislation, these protections institute the strictest anti-coordination measures in the country.

A candidate wants to form his or her own PAC? Family members want to create an independent expenditure to support their relative’s run for office? A candidate’s advisors suggest that the group run an advertisement? Not in New York.”



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