Three Brooklyn Dem Clubs Put Out New Reform Platform

KingsCountyPolitics reports on new reform efforts in Brooklyn that seek to open up the County Democratic Commitee:

“Brooklyn political club New Kings Democrats (NKD) has adopted a reform platform for the Kings County Democratic Committee (AKA  Brooklyn Democratic Party) with a major plank being to help elect over 1,000 Brooklynites to the 3,000+ seats on the Kings County Democratic Committee.

The #RepYourBlock ( campaign builds on NKD’s successful track record of helping elect over 500 Brooklynites to the Kings County Democratic Committee since 2009.

Seats on the  Kings County Democratic Committee serve as entry level positions for Brooklyn Democrats to represent their local neighborhoods within their political party and to get involved in local politics. However, the positions often go unfilled, leaving decision-making on judicial candidates, the Democratic Party’s nominee in special elections, and the Democratic party platform to 42 well-connected and mostly unopposed District Leaders.

New Kings Democrats is proud to launch this collaborative effort to draw attention to the potential the County Committee has for voter and civic engagement, and the great need for reform needed to fulfill this potential,” said NKD President and County Committee Member Anusha Venkataraman.

Two fellow political reform clubs – the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats(CBID) and Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform (PHDR) – have also signed on to the Rep Your Block.”



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