Brooklyn Voter Purge Hit Hispanics Hardest, Especially in Sunset Park

Brigid Bergin, John Keefe and Jenny Ye report on WNYC how they “obtained the list of every voter the board says was removed from the books in a major purge over two days last summer. When mapped by election district, our analysis shows that Hispanic voters were disproportionately purged from the rolls when compared to all other groups.

The election districts with the largest number of purged voters are heavily concentrated in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, East New York, and parts of Bushwick and Williamsburg — largely within the bounds of the 7th congressional district, whose incumbent, Democrat Nydia Velázquez, faces a primary challenge later this month from two candidates.

According to New York State election law, there are legitimate reasons why voters should be removed from the rolls — they move, they die, they are convicted of felonies. But the distribution of these voter purges raises a series of troubling questions about how the board performs some of its most basic and essential functions, and whether the weakening of the federal Voting Rights Act in 2013 allowed the board’s misconduct to slip under the radar.”

The article include several maps showing the severity of the purges.


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