Arthur “Jerry” Kremer: Constitutional Convention Would Be Boondoggle

In Newsday, Yancey Roy reports on former State Assembly Ways & Means Chair Arthur “Jerry” Kremer’s opposition to holding a state constitutional convention. He reports that “a state constitutional convention would be a taxpayers’ boondoggle that would result in “little to no value” to most New Yorkers, a former state assemblyman from Long Island contends.

Arthur “Jerry” Kremer makes the claim in a new book he titled “Patronage, Waste and Favoritism: A Dark History of Constitutional Conventions,” which makes his case on why New Yorkers should vote “no” in 2017 on whether to hold a convention to potentially change the state’s constitution. (By law the state must vote at least every 20 years on holding such a convention. It was voted down in 1997, the last vote.)”

Roy closes with a different view:

“A constitutional convention “is the only viable path to real lasting reform for New York state government,” Gerald Benjamin, a political scientist at the State University of New York at New Paltz and a longtime state politics observer, has said. “Political and personal self-interest of those in power in Albany has blocked serious reform for decades.”


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