Ballot Troubles Hindered Voting In Columbia County

The Columbia County Board Of Elections had to issue a statement about voting problems before polls closed. As reported in Michaela Kilgallen’s Times Union reporting:

“It was discovered today that the ballots issued in the Republican primary for the 19th CD were erroneously issued with Bob Bishop’s name as a choice to select. Mr. Bishop is no longer a candidate in this race.

The board immediately issued new correct ballots which began being disseminated to poll sites by 2pm. All poll sites have the correct ballot. It’s important to note that the voting machines were properly programmed and tested using the correct ballot, and are accepting the correct ballot without issue. Approximately 800, an average of 15-20 ballots per election district (there are 51 districts), of the incorrect ballots were voted. These ballots were properly placed in the emergency ballot receptacle, and they will be unofficially canvassed at the poll sites tonightper election law. A very few ballots were scanned in the machine. All ballots will be hand counted beginningThursday according to the board’s previously announced schedule, and in accordance with its usual procedure.”

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