Chris Higgins: Downsize The Albany County Legislature

Albany County legislator  Chris Higgins wants to downsize the membership of the county legislature from the current 39 districts to 33 in 2024 and to 29 by 3032.

Amanda Fries covers the proposal un the Times Union:

“The plan comes on the heels of Republican Legislator Peter Crouse’s proposed local laws, which address reducing the size of the legislature in a two-tiered approach, establishing commissions that would draw the district lines and additional revisions to the charter — the document that outlines how local government should run.

Unlike Higgin’s approach, Crouse, from Loudonville, offers a phased-in reduction of the districts in the Albany County Legislature – the largest of its kind in the state – with 39 districts. Starting in 2024, the county’s legislative districts would be reduced to 33, and in 2032 reduced further to 29 districts.

The last time a reduction to 25 members was proposed to county legislators, officials rejected it. Crouse said he suggested the two-tiered approach to help ensure enough support.

Proponents say the reduction could save money and improve efficiency within government, while those opposed are concerned it would limit minority voices in Albany County government.

With a 14-member turnover in the last election, Higgins said the votes are there to move forward with a reduction to 25 legislators.”


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