2016 Again Highlights New York ‘Incumbency Protection Machine’

The Gotham Gazette takes a look at last week’s primaries and reports on the reelection rates of the majority of state legislators running unopposed.

William Fowler takes a look at the law, the incumbents and the  reasons why there is so little turnover in Albany: “One, is the gerrymandering that occurs allowing lawmakers to draw their own district lines…[two is] a disgraceful campaign finance system that allows them to hit up special interests for ridiculous amounts of money,” said Blair Horner, executive director at the New York Public Interest Research Group, referring to a lack of “pay-to-play” restrictions on campaign donors with government business. “You overlay that with the lousy system of running elections in general — which is, voter registration laws are cumbersome, we have a closed primary system, getting on the ballot is difficult — and as a result New York has anemic voter turnout, one of the worst in the country.”

Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins does not represent part of The Bronx County as the article asserts.







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