NYC Launches Everything For The Voter In One Place

From NYC Votes:

NYC Votes today announces the launch of, a new website that provides everything New Yorkers need to vote at one, easy-to-remember address. consolidates links to the most important resources that New Yorkers need to cast a ballot that counts, all on one page. Voting resources in New York City have always been scattered over a number of loosely affiliated sites. Now, voters can turn to one site to do everything from registering to vote, to learning about the candidates, to locating their poll site on Election Day.

NYC Votes will launch a promotional campaign around that will include 125 bus shelter and phone kiosk ads (space provided by NYC & Company), local media ad placements, and targeted promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

The site was developed in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) which conceived the clean, user-friendly site design. MOTI provided critical resources to launching the site in time for the historic November election. 

“Voting is one of the best ways to ensure your voice is heard, but sadly, the process too often deters people. For many New Yorkers it can be incredibly tiresome trying to navigate federal, state and local resources to determine basic information like what’s on the ballot or whether or not you’re registered to vote ” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The beauty of is in its simplicity. The site doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel – instead it consolidates the most commonly requested voting information and helps point New Yorkers in the right direction.”

“For far too long, New Yorkers have been forced to jump from one site to another to get reliable voting information. That all changes with the launch of,” said Amy Loprest, executive director of the New York City Campaign Finance Board. “Now we just need to remember one site – – to find everything.’

“ is how government should work in the smartphone era. It’s a great example of how government can use everyday digital technology to make life — and voting — easier for the average person,” said John Kaehny, co-chair of the NYC Transparency Working Group and executive director of Reinvent Albany.

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