Nozzolio’s Role In NY Redistricting Hailed By GOP, Panned By Critics

Robert Harding recalls retiring Senator Mike Nozzolio’s role as cochair of LATFOR on

Senator Nozzolio carried out his role as did his predecessors, recommending a staff drawn Senate redistricting plan to the Senate without any participation by the minority Democrats. The redistricting plan was was approved by the Justice Department without a whimper over it’s minority districting discrimination and withheld a major federal court challenge.

The 2010 redistricting cycle may best be remembered by the legislature’s failure to enact a congressional redistricting plan, surprising to most because of former Speaker Silver’s ability to attempt to control situations  to his liking.

From the article: “Nozzolio differs with those who suggest that the outcome was predetermined. He called the redistricting measures “the most scrutinized legislation of any legislative measure in this state,” mainly because of the requirements that must be met when approving new district lines for Congress, the state Assembly and Senate. ”

(Note-the editor served as redistricting counsel to the Assembly Democrats and Senate Democrats for many years)





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