NYC Campaign Finance Board Votes on Enforcement Matters

Press release: At today’s regularly scheduled meeting, the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) determined that violations were committed by one campaign from the 2013 citywide election cycle and one campaign from the 2012A special election. The Board assessed penalties for those violations and determined that one campaign from the 2013 citywide election would be required to repay public funds. Refer to the chart below for details on these determination.
Prior to the meeting, the winner of the “I Voted” sticker contest was announced. The winning design will now go to print, making its debut on the day of the primary elections on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Chairman Frederick Schaffer delivered the following remarks at the meeting:

“Monday is another filing deadline for candidates in the 2017 elections to disclose their campaign finance reports to the Board and the public. The two-month disclosure period ends today, and candidates may begin filing their reports as early as tomorrow.

This is a significant milestone on the path to the municipal elections for candidates, for the CFB, and for voters. As we get closer to summer, we are approaching the home stretch towards the party primaries on September 12, and the field for that election is starting to take shape. Of course, the general election will be held on November 8.

We will reach the next significant milestone on Monday, June 12, which is the deadline for 2017 candidates choosing to participate in the Campaign Finance Program. To be eligible to receive public funds, candidates must file their certification with the CFB by this date. In 2013, 92 percent of candidates on the primary ballots were program participants, and we expect similar numbers of candidates will join the program this year. As of last week, 59 candidates in the 2017 elections have already signed up for the program. For interested candidates, the certification form is available on our website at”

Violations and Penalties
(for details, follow the link in the Total Penalties column)

(Election Cycle)
Office Violation Penalty Total Penalties
Joseph  Nwachukwu

Public Funds Received: $0

City Council (District #12) 1. Failing to accurately report cash receipts No penality  $550
2. Failing to accurately report disbursements $500
3. Failing to report three in-kind contributions $50


(Election Cycle)
Office Violation Penalty Total Penalties
Darlene Mealy

Public Funds Received: $43,062

City Council (District #41) 1.  Failing to report transactions $593 $7,663
2.  Failing to demonstrate compliance with cash receipts reporting and documentation requirements $465
3. Failing to demonstrate compliance with reporting requirements for receipts and disbursements $1,500
4. Filing a late disclosure statement $50
5. Failing to file a disclosure statement No penalty
6. Accepting contributions from corporations $3,000
7. Accepting contributions from an unregistered political committee $233
8. Failing to document a transaction $100
9. Late Response to the Initial Documentation Request; Late Response to the Draft Audit Report $1,722

Public Funds Repayment

(Election Cycle)
Public Funds Received Public Funds Repayment
Darlene Mealy

City Council
(District #41)

$43,062 $9,499



Archived video of today’s meeting and hearing is available at


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