Redistricting Panel With Diminished Role Lives On With $1.5 Million Budget

In today’s Times Union, Chris Bragg takes a look at the ongoing role of the legislature’s redistricting office known as LATFOR, the Legislative Advisory Task Force on Reapportionment and Demographic Research that “maintains a large and expensive staff, even though its power to draw district lines was taken away by a constitutional amendment passed three years ago. LATFOR had faced criticism for drawing district lines that favor the candidates of majority Assembly.”

What the article doesn’t say is that LATFOR would most likely draw be used to draw legislative and congressional ¬†boundaries after the 2020 census in the event the legislature rejects the first three plan submissions drawn by the new constitutionally mandated commission.

A constitutional convention, if approved by the voters in this November’e election, could also alter the 2014-approved redistricting commission scheme.




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One response to “Redistricting Panel With Diminished Role Lives On With $1.5 Million Budget

  1. Casey Seiler

    The story notes what you suggest it doesn’t note: “If the maps drawn up by the panel fail twice to gain passage by the Legislature, lawmakers would get to amend the plan.

    “LATFOR, meanwhile, has no constitutionally defined role in the new arrangement …”

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