Myths and Realities Of A Constitutional Convention

The NY Daily News and Newsday  weigh in on the con con.

From Newsday: “(o)pponents of a convention are flooding the zone with political advertising. Some of their arguments are erroneous. Most are based on fear — the fear of the unknown. No one knows for sure what would happen in a constitutional convention, they say. And they’re right.

They prefer no change to the status quo, and would rather seek the change they want by continuing to work with a State Legislature that has refused to do just that. They are rejecting an opportunity to take the reins away from the corrupt status quo and purge the system of its rot. They’d rather deal with the devil they know, while acknowledging there are a lot of devils in Albany. And they have disingenuously rallied under the misleading banner of “New Yorkers Against Corruption.”

And the Daily News: “(t)errible goblins are coming to despoil New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Bloodthirsty werewolves, to rip workers’ pensions from their rightful owners. Ghosts, to haunt the reproductive rights of women. Witches, to curse a state that once protected immigrants.

That’s the spooky story foes of a Constitutional convention would have voters across New York State believe as Election Day approaches, and it is no more believable than a bad zombie movie.”





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