New York’s New, Untested Redistricting Process Set to Unfold After 2020 Census

In the Gotham Gazette, Samar Khurshid presents an excellent overview of the upcoming 2021 state redistricting process, highlighting the new advisory commission tasked with developing congressional and state legislative district lines to submit to the state legislature.

From the article: “Following the 2020 Census, New York will kick off the decennial redrawing of its state legislative and congressional districts to ensure equitable representation based on population. But the next redistricting process is untested so far, having been approved after the 2010 Census when New York saw a severe undercount, contributing to the loss of one congressional seat, followed by a redistricting that many observers and elected officials criticized for creating overly complicated state Legislative districts on partisan lines.

Looking ahead to the upcoming process, experts are hopeful, though uncertain, that the new redistricting method — approved by voters via 2014 ballot referendum — will lead to cleaner, more representative districts that improve the state’s democratic process once they take effect in 2022.”

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