Democrats’ Secret Plan To Kill Third Parties In New York

Vivian Wang reports in the NY Times “The chairman of the New York State Democratic Party is pushing a proposal that would essentially neuter almost all third parties, crippling one of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s biggest political nemeses but also potentially helping conservatives.

The proposal from the chairman, Jay Jacobs, would quintuple the number of votes that a political party needs to guarantee a spot on the ballot in the next election. A party currently needs 50,000 votes for its candidate for governor to secure a spot for the next four years.”

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One response to “Democrats’ Secret Plan To Kill Third Parties In New York

  1. Richard Winger

    The article would be better if it explained that 39 states have a procedure by which a group can transform itself into a qualified party in advance of any particular election. But New York does not. If New York did have that, then even if the Working Families Party didn’t get enough votes for Governor, it could do the petition and restore its status as a qualified party. The fact that New York lacks any such procedure will count against the state in court, if the proposal does get enacted.

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